1. How do I donate?

You can donate by clicking on the Just Giving link which is justgiving.com

2. Can I sponsor a child or donate on a monthly basis? Does it have to be a certain amount?

Yes! We would welcome regular donations as this will ensure that the kids are looked after on a month to month basis. Did you know it costs roughly £30 to look after one child for the month? We understand that not everyone can contribute £30 a month but we would be happy even if you could afford £5 a month as every little bit helps!!

3. The kids look happy and fine to me!! Do they really need more money?

We are glad you think the kids look happy as thats the aim of the job 🙂 We do our best for these children and provide them with a true loving home and a good education. But we cannot do this without your continued support. We want to make sure these kids stay happy and give them a good head start in life.

4. Is there anything that I can do to help?

Why yes of course there is!! Start by spreading the word and sharing this website, the more people that see what we do the better. You could also fundraise for us, for example you could organise a bake sale, or run a race supporting Love Alive, organise a fun party or an event of your choice.

We would welcome any fundraising activities from you, so if you are interested or have any ideas then please get in touch with us at info@keepthelovealive.org